We Are a Church in Transition

First established in the Sarosota/Brandenton area in 1992, we have grown from a rented store front to the purchase of a permanent building, to the new construction we are undertaking today.

Who Are We?

As a Christian community formed on the Church of England model, we see ourselves as servants to God and our neighbors, and view our Church property as community property, to be made available to the community at large for community activities.

Our understanding of the faith requires of us that we not be defined by what we are against; rather by what we are for. Further, consistent with our understanding of the faith, we choose not to become politically active, and will not adopt a position of support for any political party.

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit, and believe also that we have an individual responsibility to be knowledgeable about our faith and be willing to question and seek answers.

By the simplest definition possible, Anglicans are common folk who recognize the imperfection of man and strive to better ourselves both as Christians and human beings.

Consistent with this self-understanding is the requirement that we, as a church, remain open to all who seek a deeper understanding of life and the purpose of life, which we believe is documented for us within the pages of the Holy Bible.

What Are We?

We are a member parish of the Anglican Province of America, Diocese of the Eastern United States.

Our Form of Worship

We are a traditional church and model our worship services after the style and format of the 1928 Episcopal Prayer Book.